We Offer you

Static Plumbing & Gas is a fully licensed, insured & skilled company for all Gas, Plumbing & Drainage Projects big & small.

With over 18 years in the construction industry, your concerns will be dealt with, in a timely & considerate manner.

Your local plumber Annerley & plumber Brisbane.

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Renovation Projects & New Construction
Tailoring in Bathroom Renovations, New Water, Drainage & Gas solutions to a wide variety of Clients throughout the residential & commercial marketplace.
Providing Effective Communication between other trades onsite & between all interested stakeholders of each project.
Safety Processes & Concepts within all tasks carried out onsite.
Time Management Systems & Strategies to allow our works to be completed on time & on budget. 
You can trust us to achieve & reach the great New results you desire. 



Prevention & Reaction Maintenance 


Static Plumbing can be of helpful support to Property Owners, Managers & Body Corporates who require an experienced advisor & operator.


Respecting the existing relationships between Property Owners, Leasee's & tenants to resolve matters very promptly are very important to us.

Treating your property or buildings with protection from our tools or equipment when solving any of your problems or concerns.  

With Effective Communication, we can be very flexible with our time to be there to help you for when it suits best.


You can trust Static Plumbing to do the job once & once properly.



Gas Appliance Installations & Repairs

When it comes to cooking or bathing, Gas is the efficient choice as more appliances are being made to suit these requirements for the hospitality & home lifestyle scenes.


Static Plumbing can provide you with adequate advice for new to existing appliance installs to suit any application.

Carrying out correct installation requirements to current guidelines to suit that appliance.


You can trust Static Plumbing to provide you peace of mind everytime.